How to Recruit New MLM Teammates

Where to recruit the right teammates:

Now that you know where to recruit good teammates, you might need to know HOW right? This information is brought to you from a training I recently attended. I hope it helps you on your journey to becoming a network marketing guru!

HOW to get new recruits:

When you are in Facebook groups that appeal to you, it won’t be work it will be FUN and you will learn even more about the things you love! Approach Facebook groups from that angle and not thinking you will get something out of it.

If you’re following the units in Increase Your Engagement there is a whole Unit just in asking the RIGHT questions!

This is huge… dropping a question down and then never going back to it is living having a car and never washing it! Give your own posts some LOVE and INTERACT! That’s why we call it INTERACTIONS!

When it comes to LIVES the more you do it, the better you will get!

Now you know WHERE and HOW to get your next recruit.

Happy Recruiting,

-Nerissa, the BizEMillenial


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