Embracing a digital world

So I was in Kroger over the weekend and struck up a conversation with a lady (probably in her 60s) who works for #Shipt. Now I’ve heard of Shipt but hadn’t used the service but since she was proudly wearing her Shipt t-shirt I wanted to know how well she was doing with it. She said the service keeps her busy and she already had 3 deliveries today. 🙌🏽 I saw her later with a cart full of groceries and I couldn’t help but think I lost an hour but her customer gained an hour.

[Shipt is a grocery 🛒 app that is basically like a personal grocery shopper that delivers to your home (that’s even better than Walmart’s pick up service). They even deliver alcohol in certain states!]

I know some people get upset with how the world is going digital—self checkouts, talking Alexa’s, and I hear it everyday in my industry with digital banking, but I am just so excited that those with an entrepreneurial spirit can still make money 💰 doing every day things in a digital way (i.e #Uber, #Waitr, Shipt, etc).

So encourage others not to be scared of change, there will always be options for employment. We just have to adapt and change how we do things. In the end you may see some of these changes are convenient and save you time and money. Who doesn’t need more of that? 🤷🏻‍♀️