Redefining Wellness

Defining wellness
Redefining Wellness: A comprehensive guide on my journey undergoing Gastric Sleeve Surgery

In this guide, I cover:

•How to know if you are ready to consider a weight loss procedure

•The financial in’s and out’s of a weight loss procedure

•How to find a repuatble doctor to work with on your journey

•Helpful tips on how to prepare your body

•What to pack for your weight loss procedure

•The real deal on the recovery process

•Self-esteem and confidence post weight loss

•Fitness tips to keep you progressing towards your goal and so much more!

Defining wellness

I wrote this book 📖 because there was nothing on the market like it.

There wasn’t a book detailing the ins and outs of our relationship with weight.

There wasn’t a book that also broke down the stigmas of weight loss surgery when you’ve tried everything else.

There wasn’t a book that encouraged reflection and goal setting regardless of the route you choose to take.

Nor was there a book that also discussed how to maintain weight loss after you lose it all.

So I put that all (and more) into my book because it was what I needed and what so many others could benefit from.

Defining wellness