Four Ways Millennials Are Changing Commerce |

The millenial influence on spending power is virtually limitless. How we move and transfer our money is lightning quick. Will this lead to our ultimate wealth or drag the generation further in debt by making our hard earned cash so easy to spend and move? Do we take advantage of in-the-moment, surefire invesments like the upcoming techie stock or hot piece of real estate as quickly as we do the latest Jordans, Mac pigments, and cafe au laits?

Who is the BizEMillenial?

The BizEMillenial, pronounced [bizē miˈlenēəl] is not just me.  The BizEMillenial is not just you.  The BizEMillenial is a play on words pertaining to all those who have reached young adulthood after the year 2000 and who happen to be in the business world (or otherwise busy) with life, school, work, and the et cetera.…

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