21 Day Ab Challenge Tracker – Week 1

Before proceeding, be sure you have officially signed up for the 21 Day ab challenge (don’t worry, it’s FREE!).

Download or print this tracker for Week 1.

21 Day Ab challenge tracker – Week 1

Day 1 starts today, Tuesday, but if you’re catching us later in the game, it’s okay! Just start on Day 1 – regardless of the week.

Each water droplet represents 16 oz of water intake (48 oz a day).

Walking is super important to weight and fat loss. If you currently walk, continue at your level. If you are not currently walking, start walking at least one mile a day.

Each day (except for Rest Day) will have a new Instagram reel for you to visit with the three ab exercises of the day. Be prepared, they will get more challenging as we go. Prepare to do approximately 3 sets of each exercises and spend about 10 minutes to complete. Reels will be found on my IG reels and/or stories for the day. Comment COMPLETE on each reel when you have completed for the day! Here is the introductory reel so you know where to go! Day 1 is also posted and ready to go!

I am so excited you have joined this challenge and can’t wait to see your results! Let’s get shredded!

If you would like to post on social media that you have joined the challenge or your progress as you go along please tag me @dutchessnerissa and hashtag #21DayAbChallenge so I and others can cheer you on! Here’s an introductory image if you need one.

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Have fun with the challenge and be sure to invite a friend!

This challenge is hosted by Nerissa (@rissarecharged). Nerissa is a 36 year old mom of 4 who has recently lost 108 pounds! Like you, it’s time to tone up!