Be Kind to Your Edges with Edge Naturale

The first day I received my new Edge Naturale in the mail, I was surprised by the generous size of the jar. Then I was blown away by the subtle and sweet smell of peppermint and argon oil. I told myself, if nothing else, this stuff really smells good!

I was really intrigued by the product from the beginning. As a former gastric sleeve patient, in which hair loss can be a side effect, I am consistently monitoring my biotin intake and the quality/thickness of my hair especially around the edges. So I was on the market for a no-fuss, no-worry product that would work for me. Edge Naturale entered my life right on time!

Day 1

I was already a few days into a hair style when I received my jar so I pushed my hair back into a ponytail and added some Edge Naturale. It was creamy, easy to apply, and I felt a coolness factor when I put it on. As a morning runner, I enjoyed that cooling down effect after my hot shower.

Day 2

By Day 2 I realized that my slicked back ponytails didn’t need a traditional edge control since I was using the Edge Naturale, already a huge win due to the damage that edge control can have on your hair with repeated use. I put another tick mark in the win category.

Day 4

Day 4 was when I fell in love! It was hair wash day. I used my normal products to wash and condition my hair. Then added the Edge Naturale to my edges and O-M-G! The peppermint cleaved to my clean scalp and made magic. The tingle of my hair follicles felt ah-mazing! I knew the ingredients in this jar was special!

Day 5

By Day 5, I realized that my edges appeared thicker. Also, I still really liked the creamy feel when I applied Edge Naturale versus the sticky feeling you get when you use an edge control product. This was just so much different, a treat (almost a mask) to the hair and scalp versus a manipulative product.

Day 7!

On Day 7, I had gone out of town and needed to get rid of my lazy ponytail. So I washed it the night before, added Edge Naturale to my edges, a curl priming spray to the rest of my hair and flat twisted it. The next morning, I applied some Edge Naturale to my edges for a little control, untwisted my hair and fluffed it, and I was good to go! I also noticed that my edges were again thicker and also healthier.

That same day I gifted the rest of my jar to a friend who had suffered from recent edge and hair loss. I find that to be the biggest compliment I could give to this product because I loved and trusted it enough to recommend to a dear friend. Now the only question is… how can I get my hands on another jar of it? Simple, just like you can at – shop soon and get 15% off!

The active ingredients in Edge Naturale are peppermint, natural oils such as jojoba, and coconut milk. The follicle enhancer should be used on clean edges and is available in a 2 or 4 ounce jar. It is highly recommended to take before and after pictures to track progress. View other success stories on their website or instagram.

This blog was an honest review of a product gifted by Edge Naturale. If you have additional questions regarding my experience with the product, please feel free to drop them here or visit the company’s website for more info.

Be Kind To Your Edges,


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