10 Ways to Stay Fit At Home

Gyms had just begun to open up and in many places like California, Texas, and Arizona they are closed again due to COVID-19. It didn’t really phase me, however, because I had already told myself that with this pandemic, my local gym was the last place I wanted to be (sorry 24 hour fitness) but these high touch, insulated, terribly ventilated, germ breeding buildings are just not for me right now.

Just kidding! Not me…

That doesn’t mean I’ve taken my fitness less serious. In fact, I have continued to lose weight and optimized my health during the pandemic and thought it important to share some FREE ways that you can get fit at home!

#1: Download the Nike Run app – this app provides challenges with old and new friends to kick up your walk/run game including guided runs and a sync to your Apple Music! Available on iOS and Android.

#2: If you are still paying dues to a gym or your membership is “on pause” check your gym’s website or newsletter. It’s very possible that they are offering free workouts, live sessions, or even a virtual training session for free in order to keep you engaged with the gym until they re-open for good.

#3: Follow fitness instructors like Brittany Noelle (you may have seen her on Ultimate Tag) on Instagram where she is offering her 10 Day fitness challenge for FREE as well as access to her Facebook accountability group! Brittany regularly shares new tips to maximize your workouts including her latest installment of kettlebell exercises!

Brittany Noelle – @b_noellefitness

#4: Follow hashtags like #fitnessinfluencers on Instagram and TikTok for new workouts, tips, and daily motivation.

#5: Download the app 7 Minute Workout – it’s fast, it’s free, and you can invite friends to join in on the fun! Available on iOS and Android

#6: Have you been wanting to try yoga? Download the app Yoga for Beginners. This app is a great place for beginner-friendly workouts, which are divided into three types of yoga: vinyasa, hatha, and restorative. Each video takes you through the poses and breath work to help you learn and develop your practice like a pro. Available on iOS and Android.

#7: Want to customize your workouts? Try Freeletics. Whether you use weights and resistance bands or use your own body weight, this free app allows you to have access to and download free high intensity routines which you can even monitor through your Apple watch. Available for
and Android.

#8: Follow @totalfitstudio for great tips and if you do decide to take advantage of a membership that offers LIVE classes, you will get a set of FREE booty bands to get started!

#9: You don’t have to own a Peloton to take advantage of their amazing app and workouts! The non-Peloton owner would normally pay $12.99/mo but you can try it out FREE for 30 days!

#10: No app needed! Head to YouTube for the Body Project! The Body Project specializes in high-intensity fat-burning workouts that are fun and effective!

No matter what options you choose, the best thing to do, is get up and moving! Enjoy the great outdoors. Take your family or pet for a walk, run, or bike ride. You can even grab most of what you need for an equipment free home gym from Amazon! I can’t live without my dumb bells, resistance bands, and kettlebell! Have fun with it, go live with a friend, or record your workouts to help you improve and stay motivated!

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Stay Inspired!

Nerissa aka YouGlowGirl

Nerissa is a wife, mom of 4, corporate executive, and a woman on a journey to help women glow from the inside out! In a year, she has managed to lose 100 pounds! Follow her on Instagram and TikTok! Her first e-book will launch within the next 30 Days! Be first on the list!