Staying Organized with Your Brand Commitments

If you are like me, you are a growing blogger or influencer that is starting to get noticed by brands! Good for you! This is an exciting time, but it could be overwhelming so here’s 10 tips to get you started like a boss AND a printable freebie to keep your brands happy and your mind organized!

  1. Decide which platforms you will use for your brand commitments. This could be your blog, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter, or any other platform where you have a growing, engaged community and where the brands you want to promote also want to be and grow!
  2. Define your niche if you haven’t already. Only commit to brands that can fit within your niche. If you want to keep your options open, you could always work with broad niches like lifestyle, parenthood, etc. More defined niches include fashion, beauty, fitness, food, home decor, etc.
  3. As a beginning influencer, brands may first approach you with “gifting” opportunities, meaning they will gift you with free products in exchange for a post or video. I’ve linked some of my recent campaigns below.
  4. If a brand asks you to PURCHASE a product, more than likely it is a SCAM! If they ask you to pay for shipping, I would ask myself two things… Do I really like this product? Would I purchase it myself if it was not being gifted? If the answer is yes, you may consider moving forward with the collaboration. If the answer is no, politely decline.
  5. Do you feel that you should be paid for a collaboration? Maybe they are asking for multiple posts, stories, videos? Or you have more than 10,000 followers? This is a time to start negotiating and receiving not only the product free but also monetary compensation. Think $100 per 10,000 followers on each platform per post.
  6. A brand has approached you without compensation but you feel it warrants one? You can say this: “Hi, I am so honored that you reached out to me and I look forward to working with you. Typically, I charge an influencer fee of $___ per post and $___ per story. If this works for you, I can start planning content right away.”
  7. Once you have made a commitment to a brand, do your best to deliver high quality, fun, gorgeous photos or videos. Take time with it, have a great caption, tag your brand, and include related hashtags.
  8. Deliver your content on TIME. If there isn’t a specific date required, think at most a week turn around from the date you received the product.
  9. Provide the brand with their own emailed photos or videos that they can share on their social media platforms.
  10. Send a thank you note to each brand and 24-48 hour analytics (if available). This will help you stand out from other influencers and given the opportunity comes up, brands will think of you again and again as someone who delivers great content, fast turnaround time, and a professional relationship. If your followers have gone up between campaigns, feel free to negotiate for higher compensation.

BONUS: Keep yourself organized. We all know emails and messages can get buried quickly, so I have created a printable that you can use to stay organized. Grab a binder, print out several pages, and start keeping track! This will also help you later when you are ready to create your Media Kit! (Right click then save image as…)

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