10 Things to do NOW for a better life AFTER COVID-19!

Wow… have things changed over the last couple of days, weeks, etc. There are plenty of articles and blogs you can read out there about COVID-19.

But I’m not here to talk statistics or prevention or what to do if you get it. That’s not my wheelhouse.

I am here to talk about things you can do NOW to prepare for life AFTER COVID-19. Eventually the world will right itself and we will have some sense of normalcy return. In the meantime there are some critical things you can do NOW to prepare for a healthier, wealthier better life after COVID-19. I’m going to share 10 ways to spend your time NOW for a better life AFTER.

1. Print/Study your credit report

You’ve been putting it off but now is a great time to start the first step in building or rebuilding your credit. Download it for free, study it, and take action. Use free tools available on Credit Karma to clear up old addresses, incorrect information, or dispute errors. Call creditors and make settlements or payment arrangements on outstanding debts you’ve ignored. Create a plan to bring credit card balances to below 30% usage. Attack debts that can be paid off quickly or that are reflecting negatively on your credit report. If you don’t have enough credit, apply for a credit card that is recommended for your credit rating and keep the usage low and make regular payments (twice a month if you can).

2. Refinance high interest loans

Maybe you have already been working hard on your credit. This may be the time to watch your hard work pay off. Since the Fed has lowered rates to near 0%, this may be THE best time to refinance your home, auto, or high interest personal loans. Whether you save money on your monthly payment or money on the total interest of your loan, this could be 15 minutes well worth your time! (Pro-tip: a company should never “charge” you to refinance an auto loan!)

3. Catch up with friends & family members

In many cases it may not be possible for you to actually visit friends and family members. But it is certainly a great time to pick up the phone, start dialing, and having meaningful conversations with friends and family members that you normally don’t get to chat with on a regular basis. Take out a sheet of paper and write down 100 names of people you care about and don’t normally have a chance to talk to. Call 5 people a day until you have completed the list. (Pro-tip: You can also write a letter or card and help keep the postal workers employed. Think about it, when was the last time you received a handwritten note in the mail?)

4. Read a book

Who has time to read? Sadly, most of us don’t have the time. So dust off those books you’ve been meaning to read and start on page 1. If you want to multi-task and get things done around your home at the same time, pop in your ear buds or air pods and download Audible to read books, newspapers, and more at your pace! Here’s a list of the books I have read over the last 6 months.

5. Create a new selfcare routine

Have you been having trouble with your skin? Stressed out? Think about your most annoying dilemma and research ways to fix it. Need great skincare, start with what the thing you dislike the most and find a product to match like a Superfruit Cleanser or Bamboo Polish. Maybe it’s your makeup routine you want to refresh, set a budget that makes sense and shop away with bold new choices to refresh your makeup bag. Or try a 30 day airbrush trial for less than $20. This is a great time to practice. If you don’t love it, send your airbrush system back and keep $70 in free gifts!

6. Clean your closet/start a donation box

This one is high on my list. We need some serious organization in our master closet. I’ll start by starting a donation box to donate to my favorite non-profit. I also need to find some organization system for our shoes. *Shaking my head* So while I would normally but this off until it never gets done, I promise myself we WILL get this one done! Feel free to send me inspiration of your own closets that I can try to emulate!

My husband has also been pretty busy. In the past few days, he has mulched the front and backyard, changed lightbulbs and air filters, created an outdoor setting for six, and planted flowers. He’s wasting no time sprucing up the place.

7. Start an investment portfolio

There is a difference between getting rich FROM a crisis versus getting rich IN SPITE of a crisis. It is inevitable that the stock market will rebound and in some cases balloon and make a lot of people rich. Think of it this way… Right now, stocks are at a huge discount. This is a great time to start your portfolio! In fact, here’s a free stock to get started!

8. Start a workout routine from home

With gyms being the last place I would want to be and most closed any way, the importance of a home routine is bigger than ever. So whether it is taking a walk or run, yoga at home, or some other form it is critical you keep your body moving to stay healthy and fit. Check your local gym’s website for free resources or head to Facebook where there are tons of people sharing their routines for free!

9. Date your spouse or quarantine buddy

This is a great time to reintroduce yourself to your spouse in fun and new ways. There are plenty of dates you can have right at home. I can name 5 off the top of my head: Picnic in the backyard, Netflix and chill, playing a board or card game, a thrilling game of truth or dare, or going on a walk or hike.

10. Start a new idea or side hustle

So many people will come up with great money-making ideas during this time. What is your super talent? Are you great at writing, selling, helping others, doing makeup or hair, or managing social media? Whatever it is… perfect your skills, create a business plan, and get ready to market it to the world!

Hope you enjoyed this short list of things to do while you are self-distancing. If you would love to chat about more ideas, feel free to message me on Instagram, I’m happy to chat these out with you!

Love Nerissa aka YouGlowGirl