How to Get the Perfect Cut Crease

Have you been trying to figure out how to master a cut crease?

Me too! I think I have the technique down now so let’s practice together. If you’re in my VIP group already, you may have noticed we focused a lot on eyes this week, we even had a special guest bring us a live tutorial. In this email, I’m sharing all the steps and tools we have learned to get the perfect cut crease.

Step by Step

  • Prime the eye area and use a small brush to apply the darker eyeshadow you intend to use above the natural crease line of your eyes.
  • Cut the crease with concealer or foundation using an angled brush. Set with translucent powder.
  • Apply your chosen eyeshadow. We suggest a colour that is a lighter shade of the eyeshadow above your crease.
  • Take the first eyeshadow colour (used above the crease) and apply to the outer corners of your lid. Blend.
  • Apply winged liquid eyeliner to emphasise the look.

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Try it with Glitter

Adding glitter to your eyeshadow with a cut crease will produce a stunning, evening look that will make your eyes pop. The trick when it comes to glitter is to apply it to the eyelids themselves. Doing so means keeping the eyeshadow above the crease glitter-free and well blended. 

Pro-tip: Match the glitter colour to that of the shadow above your crease. Just make sure to use a slightly darker version of the shade for the cut crease eyeshadow, as this will create depth and let the sparkles stand out. 

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Here’s some other great cut creases to get you inspired! If you try any of these tips or looks, please share them on IG and tag @dutchessnerissa. I would love to see!

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