Top Women to Follow in 2020

They say we are the sum of the people we keep around us. A lot of choice goes into that, including the people you choose to follow on social media. Many of us aimlessly scroll through our social media looking for a laugh, an inspiration, or maybe just a recommendation for a problem we might like to solve. This year I was very intentional about the people I wanted to follow. I was in search for inspiring women, with a story, and enough motivation to spare. There are dozens if not hundreds on my follow list, but some of the women stand out from the rest. I find myself “knowing who they are” without knowing who they actually are in real life. Isn’t that what we aspire our social media profiles to be? Showing enough to keep people interested without sharing every single intimate detail? These ladies do an amazing job at it and I’m excited that they agreed to a mini interview with me to help us get to know them a little more and why they should be your first follow of 2020. So let’s see who these women are, shall we?

IG name: @bowrabrittany

Age: 28

Who is Brittany? I am an Influencer/Content Creator and Mom of 1 (and one on the way)!

What do you hope women see in your IG? It’s been my mission from day one to be completely transparent and authentic through social media. When I first joined Instagram, everyone and everything was so picture perfect. While the mood on this platform has shifted towards more authenticity, I want to shed a light on the hard stuff most women and mothers don’t discuss, i.e., postpartum depression, anxiety, pregnancy loss and overall mental health. I’ve made more true friends though IG by sharing my raw story than I could have ever hoped for and want to continue connecting with women through what is rarely discussed openly.

What is something you accomplished in 2019? 2019 was a big year for ME. I overcame post partum depression and learned how to cope with anxiety that I developed after I had Olivia three years ago. This year I finally learned to love myself at the age of 28 and feel truly connected with who I am spiritually. For my entire life I relied on others for happiness, never put myself first and that all changed in a single year. I went from feeling like “just a SAHM” to owning my business and becoming the strong woman I always knew was deep down.

What will happen in 2020 for you? In the upcoming year, I’m excited to see how much more I grow as a woman, mother and wife, especially as we welcome our rainbow baby in January. I hope to continue growing & connecting with more amazing women on this platform as I share my second journey through postpartum 110% authentically.

Catch Brittany’s hilarious quotes on parenthood and motherhood moments. I found this lovely because she runs a loop to help connect other moms and fempreneurs together.

IG name: @topknotanddoubleshot

Age: 31

Who is Kristen? I am a social media marketer and mom of 2.

What do you hope women gain from your IG? Hopefully when women stumble upon my Instagram they find someone who is genuinely showing the honest truths about motherhood… About how hard it is and how they are not alone. Also I want to show the real postpartum. How self love is loving your body for the way it is – not the way you think it should be.

What is something you accomplished in 2019? Being able to connect with so many incredible women and making a difference in some of their lives.

Be sure to catch her Dirty Secret Sunday’s (in IG stories) and her super real body image posts. I followed this chick at the suggestion of another great female on this list on what happened to be a Dirty Secret Sunday and I’ve been hooked ever since–don’t worry, Sunday will be here soon enough!

IG Name: @limsahar

Age: 34

Who is Lim? I am an artist, wife, and mom of 4.

What do you hope women gain from your IG? I hope women gain self confidence in their own skin, and gain a feeling of peace and happiness when looking though my IG.

What are you most proud of for 2019? I accomplished something very important–loving myself as I am in 2019.

What goals do you have for 2020? In 2020 I hope to continue to be an example for women that struggle with body image and continue learning and growing as a person.

This beauty is so humble but takes some of the most gorgeous pictures on the internet! I found Lim because we ran in some of the same beauty circles and I found her back story and vulnerability absolutely fascinating. Check her out!

IG name: @monacorona

Age: 29

Who is Mona? I am a Luxury Travel Blogger.

What do you hope women gain from your IG: My goal is to inspire women to travel the world. My overall philosophy is based on the premise that no limitations whether physical, mental, or circumstantial should prevent travel; and through providing my best tips, tricks, and hacks, teach others how to travel smarter, better, and more often.

Something you accomplished in 2019 or a goal you have in 2020: My favorite accomplishment of 2019 was getting verified on Instagram because it felt like my years of hard work has paid off and became validated in a very public way.

What is a goal you have for 2020? My goal for 2020 is to continue to foster the same community of like-minded travelers that I’ve worked so hard to build, and continue to be a source of knowledge and inspiration for travelers around the world.

Take travel tips or live vicariously through Mona’s IG. I found Mona when I first moved to the West Coast and was looking for new influencers to connect with! She’s a doll and loves to keep her social calendar booked!

IG name: @dailybynikkid

Age: 30

Who is Nikki? I’m a wife, mom of 3.. with bonuses, a business owner and consultant.

What do you hope women gain from your IG? Progress and finding purpose is rarely “pretty”…. there is beauty in directing YOUR life in a way that fits you! While balance in motherhood, romance and self rarely exists- prioritization is possible!

What did you accomplish in 2019? I opened a successful shop business for my husband, launched a consulting career after stepping away from corporate work, expanded my family and everything else is still loading…

You may have seen Nikki on tv, because that’s how I started following her. However, you will learn the beautiful and inspiring soul inside within minutes of exploring her IG. After a year of following Nikki, I can share she is one of my favorite friends on the ‘net!

IG name: @bosstofe

Age: 32

Who is Brittany? I am a wife, mom of 2, and Curriculum Director.

What do you hope women gain from your IG? Relatability, humour, DIY inspiration, creativity.

What is something you accomplished in 2019? In 2019 I was in a creative rut on maternity leave. I decided I needed an outlet to connect and relate to other mothers and women, so I took the dive into Instagram! I originally created my feed to showcase my love of DIY design and it quickly transitioned to a place where I could vent #momtruths ! I was inspired to change the narrative when it came to the journey of motherhood through humour and relatability.

What does 2020 have in store for you? In 2020 I hope to continue to grow this community with some new and exciting opportunities in the works! (I can’t share exactly what they are yet because it’s not set it stone!)

Catch Brittany’s “Trolling Tuesday’s” and overall hilarious day in the life of a wife/mom/IG sensation. I stumbled upon a Trolling Tuesday and followed her immediately. Her content is all her about her life, which she is able to turn into comedic bits and pieces that make you want to have as your new bestie!

IG name: @boys_plus_triplets

Age: 31

Who is Shannon? I’m a wife and mom of 5 kids (9, 5, 1, 1, 1) I worked in Corporate Banking until I had surprise triplets. Now I’m a SAHM and share my motherhood journey on IG.

What do you hope to accomplish with your IG? I want to inspire all women visiting my page in any way that I can. I used to be jealous of stay at home moms. Now that I am one there’s times I miss my career. The grass is not always greener and we have to realize that. Keep your faith strong, find your inner strength and figure out who your support system is. Once we do so us women can have the confidence to do anything!

What goals do you have for 2020? My goal for 2020 is just being more intentional when it comes to my time and travel more as a family.

Catch the expert advice of this busy mom! Triplets, can you imagine the fun that goes on in this house daily?! It is so fun to watch this adorable family as they move through life with cuteness. If you’re a mom, you will want to follow her!

IG name: @jenjeanpierre

Age: 36

Who is Jen? I am currently pregnant and have 2 bonus children. I’m a wife. I’m a Digital Media Manager at a Heath association

What do you hope women gain from your IG? Point blank period I hope women instantly feel that authenticity and rawness are still prevalent in social media. I want women to be empowered to live and stand in their truth.

What is something you feel you accomplished in 2019? Surviving a rare pregnancy condition named Hyperemesis

What are some of your goals for 2020? To go back to the creativity that drives me. To not settle in my job and my hustle. To build the best family dynamic that I can possibly have and to remain positive even when complaining is the easiest thing I can do.

Jen brings the real back to IG and shows us her many sides. I stumbled upon some of her gorgeous pics followed by a video of how she takes the pics. I decided to follow and have been mesmerized ever since. The documentation of her current pregnancy has only drawn more followers of her brand and further clarified just how much girls rock!

So it begs the question, who am I?

IG name: @dutchessnerissa

Age: 35

Who is Nerissa? I am a wife, mom of 4, Executive for a Fortune 500, and love spending my free time connecting with others.

What do I hope women gain from my IG: I hope women see a little piece of their regular but extraordinary selves, have a laugh, think a little, and know that you can really have it all–a relationship, kids, a job, and maybe even a side hustle or two.

What did I accomplish in 2019: I feel I revamped my community, focused on things that were important to me, had my first major speaking gig, and put into place a lot of things I had been saying I was going to do. I also relocated to the West Coast, read a lot of books, lost almost 70 pounds, and crossed several new cities off my travel list.

What are some of my goals for 2020? To keep everything on track that I’m doing now but be more efficient and organized, manage my time better, love my family and friends like there is no tomorrow, and support more amazing women on this earth however I can. I’m also still hoping to reach 10K followers for validity (and of course swipe up) but I’m not chasing it like I used to. It will come when it comes.

There are so many other amazing women that could have made this list and are waiting to be discovered by someone for their gifts. Please feel free to tag them here as I am always looking for new inspiration.


Nerissa aka #YouGlowGirl

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