8 Ways to Save Money at Target…

…And yes it rhymes if you say it the right way. (Target = Targé when pronounced in proper boujee vernacular).

I don’t know about you, but I love Target. Some people say it is more expensive than their other competitor. However, when you combine the positive effects of this well lit, magical place with the many ways to save money then I think there is no comparison.

For some reason, not everyone is privy to the many ways to save at Targé so I’m going to give you a crash course real quick. And yes, the well meaning teenager or friendly customer service person is actually trying to do you a favor when they offer you the Red Card so next time just listen, mmmkay? (By the way, I am not affiliated with Target though I wish I was.) Just giving you some tips so here goes:

  • Target Red Card – Okay, back to the lady or gentleman at the register offering you the Red Card. You immediately say “no thank you” because you think it is a credit card. And it is a credit card, but it doesn’t have to be! Yes, there are two red cards and the second option is actually a DEBIT card. It links directly up to your checking account and you get FIVE PERCENT (5%) off EVERY purchase EVERY day! No exclusions. Five dollars off of every $100 may not sound a lot to you but when you shop almost exclusively at Target like my family does, this adds up quickly (we save over $1,000 a year just with the red card) and then when you combine with the other savings below we are talking major moolah. Also, you can receive up to $40 cash back with no charge using your card.
    Target Circle discounts – This was previously called Cartwheel, but now it has been changed to Target Circle. If you see the crazy lady in Target holding up the line, scanning all her stuff (it may have even been me) she’s not crazy. She’s racking up what could be major savings. (Here’s a tip: scan as you go or find a deserted aisle before check out versus holding up the line). So this is what’s going on, she’s scanning items for hidden discounts (up to 50% off) in the Target app. These discounts are not posted anywhere but in the Target app. You can even check and add discounts before you shop for major planning and budgeting.
    Target circle points – This is a brand new feature that has been rolled out nationwide within the app (be sure to opt in and scan every time at the register) and you’ll earn 1% in points that you can redeem at any time. This is essentially saving you 6% when you think about the 5% you saved when you used your red card. For me, I hope to save these extra points up for holiday shopping or back to school shopping.
    Starbucks – So this one is a catch 22 but if for some reason you aren’t already using the Starbucks app for your points and redemption then you could use your red card to get 5% off.
    Gift card w/ purchase – You’ve probably seen this more times than you can count but Target pretty much starts new deals every Sunday with discounts and also options for a gift card with purchase. I specifically like the household ones (where you buy 3-4 household cleaning items or necessities and get a gift card). There are also options like these online or with their subscription services. If you need these items anyway, you might as well get a gift card out of the deal. Use these gift cards on your next Target run or save them up for the holidays or a big purchase. No matter which way you choose, Ching Ching!
    Target brand – This is a no-brainer. Obviously Target brand stuff is cheaper; however, I must say this: I have not met a Target brand item that I didn’t like. From household supplies to cheese to water, it is guaranteed that I have multiple Target brand items in my pantry at all times. They even have a new household brand called Smartly that gives you what you need (say 1 paper towel role versus 6) at a super cheap price.
    Discounted gift cards – Around the holidays, Target does targeted discounts for their cartwheel (I mean Target Circle) customers like 25% off toys or 25% off gift cards – SHOP ON THOSE DAYS! But on a regular day, there are tons of gift cards that you can get 5% off on just by using your red card. There’s also the other side… from time to time, I have seen discounted gift cards for Target on Groupon or other services so if it’s legit, go for it
    Free shipping – Target red card holders also get free 2 day shipping on your orders so whether you like the indoor shopping experience or the shop from home experience, you’re golden. Get your 5% off, 1% points, extra discounts, and free shipping. I don’t see where you can go wrong. Also, if you live in California like I do bring your shopping bags to avoid the 10 cents bag charge.

In my opinion, Target totally crushes the competition on experience and price. I would love to hear any other cost saving tips you might have.

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