The Lion King: 10 Things I Loved plus What I missed

By now I hope you have seen the new live adaptation of the Lion King, if not spoiler alert! You might want to just save this article and come back if you haven’t seen it yet.

  1. Live animation – I was a sceptic when I first heard about the Lion King being redone and worried we would be watching National Geographic but that wasn’t the case, Disney nailed it!
  2. Simba as a cub – Simba was just as playful and mischievous in this version as the first.
  3. Rafiki – The wise monkey has always been a favorite character of mine and he was spot on.
  4. James Earl Jones returning as Mufusa was brilliant.
  5. The iconic Hakuna Matata song was great even with a modernized twist and nod to the audience watching.
  6. Beyoncé delivered a sultry and mature voice to Nala in this version and an essence of true Lion prowess.
  7. The elephant graveyard was as scary as the first go ’round.
  8. When Timon and Pumba saved Simba from the Buzzards.
  9. Beyoncé’s new soundtrack “The Gift” is beautiful.
  10. Sir Johns’ beautiful makeup collection for the Lion King is an absolute must have for every Lion King lover.

Now there were a couple of things I would have liked to see different. I would love to hear your thoughts in comments as well.

  1. The hyenas fell a little flat for me. They were meant to be scary but I felt the cartoon version made them funny as well. I would have loved to see Whoopi Goldberg come back in her role.
  2. Scar’s appearance had a visible scar and he looked “hungrier” than Mufasa but not that scary to me.
  3. The song “Be Prepared” fell a little flat.
  4. I really missed the part where the hyena’s said “oooh Mufasa, say it again”.

Hope you all enjoyed this list and definitely would like to hear what you loved or didn’t love about the movie.


Nerissa aka YouGlowGirl

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