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Every Tuesday, I will be sharing a beauty hack that I have either used myself or around the internet to make being beautiful easy as 1-2-3!

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Travel Tip

 While your bathroom counter may be filled with tons of makeup options, we all know we have to scale down quite a bit when traveling so since I’m on a trip in Chicago, I’m sharing today the only five items you need to make it through a week of travel.

1. Foundation – I’m choosing to bring along my airbrush system on this trip but either way if you’re going to want flawless skin, especially in your travel photos you will need your favorite foundation.

2. Eyeshadow palette – One of the best ways to change up your look on a week-long trio is a GREAT eyeshadow palette. I’m choosing the Can’t Wait to be Queen palette from @SirJohn and @Luminess cosmetics because it has 12 colors that are perfect for a base color, multiple neutral looks for day or beach, and finished off with 6 colors perfect for a night out like the gold Nala, purple Sire, and green Meadows.

3. Mascara – the perfect mascara is going to finish off your eye look and keep you photo ready so be sure to throw that in. I packed Distraction mascara in a mini tube that is also a magnet for my lipsticks.

4. Nude lipstick – For those day looks, grab a nude lipstick or even to tame down a wild eye look.

5. Pop of color lipstick – Take your day look into the evening with a quick lip change into a red lipstick (like Romantic Atmosphere pictured here) or a pink or purple. I’m a huge fan of AList or Enchanted Forest.

Well, there’s my five. Comment below if you think I left a vital item out! If you’re interested in any of the products I named, head straight to my site!

Blush, Bronzer, and Highlight Oh My!

Are you wondering where it all should go? Let’s break it down!

 1. Blush – Use a small dome-shaped brush to concentrate the c on just your apples and then use a clean, fluffier brush to gently blend outward into your temples and jawline. The easiest way to find your apples is to make a big smile and watch your cheeks rise to the occasion! Apply your blush there. If you have oily skin, apply a translucent powder first. If you have red skin, apply a primer before applying brush.

2. Bronzer – The goal for bronzer is to hit areas that the sun naturally would. An easy way to accomplish this is by drawing an S shape on both sides of the face. This makes sure the bronzer hits along your hairline/upper forehead, temples, below your cheekbone, and below your jawline. Don’t forget to use circular motions to blend everything out.

3. Highlight – After all that blushing and bronzing, you might want to highlight some areas. Use a small brush and quickly swipe on areas such as the top of your checks, under and over the brow, and at the tip of your nose. Don’t love a certain feature on your face, don’t highlight it! Go for shimmer with your highlight to give a special glow. One of my favorites is the new highlighter from the Lion King collection.

Perfect eyeshadow

Ever wonder how some people get perfect eyeshadow looks every time or why so many colors come in a GREAT palette? Been wanting to go BOLD or try something new but you just didn’t know where to start? Today’s tip is all about eyeshadow.

  1. Every eyeshadow palette will come with a neutral shade. Use this shade to sweep color over the entire lid or up to the crease. 
  1. Now blend in a darker shade into your crease, starting from the inside of the eye with a thinner line growing thicker as it extends to the outside of the crease. Make sure the lids match and blend! If you have a 3-color palette, choose the darkest color. If you have a 4-color palette, choose the 3rd darkest. If you’re not using a palette, use colors that are in the same family.
  1. Unless you are doing a smoky eye, the goal is to be blending from light to dark to light again. Both lids need to be evenly matched and you want the colors to look like a rainbow, seamlessly blending from light to dark to light again. 
  1. For a finished weekend or dramatic look, press your pinkie finger into the lightest color of the palette and then press your pinkie into the inside corner of your eye. Use a bold, contrasting color for dramatic effect. 
  2. To continue a more dramatic look like above, continue the technique while playing around with one BOLD color and sweep it under the eye before applying mascara.

This palette will be available June 15th on my website and is from the new Lion King Collection. Reserve yours today!

Faux Lashes

Need an easy way to curl your faux eyelashes so that they will fit properly across your eyelid?

Here’s the tip: Before applying your lashes, wrap them around a small makeup brush or bottle. This should give the fake lashes enough curve to make them easier to attach to your eyelids. Then apply as normal. Voila!

Stay tuned for next week’s tip!



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