Hakuna Matata

I remember the first time I saw the Lion King.

I cried. Like big lion-sized tears. You know the scene, where Simba has been left fatherless at the hand of his Uncle Scar. Even with a new live version of the movie coming in July, we know the story, a story of family, friendships, betrayal, and ultimately one of triumph and victory.

Disney, along with Luminess and makeup artist to the stars Sir John, have also been triumphant and victorious in the amazing Lion King Collection that will pre-launch Friday, June 15th. Like the colors in this amazing eyeshadow palette, you have to see to believe!

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The eight piece collection is a makeup junkie or Disney collector’s dream. You may just want to admire the box for a while — it is that gorgeous! After marveling at its iridescent packaging, you will unveil a gorgeous eyeshadow palette, contour palette, highlighter, four lipsticks and a tinted lip balm. 

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Grab what you need

You can also shop just the pieces you need! Might I suggest that every makeup lover needs the amazing eyeshadow palette plus two magnetic lipsticks (to make the full face of Simba). 

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I know you will love this amazing collection! Send me all your pics and feedback! Are you following my Instagram? And if you’re not familiar with Luminess, check out my recent blog on using this amazing line of make for the first time…

UPDATE 6/21:

Here’s my favorite look from the line so far! This is Nala from the eyeshadow palette and Romantic Atmosphere liquid lipstick! And guess what–we now ship internationally!