LinkedIn Challenge

I am starting a #LinkedInChallenge. Everything is better with a #hashtag right? Plus the word challenge just makes you want to compete with yourself and others. Part of my new lifestyle includes a personal development hour in which I focus on three things.

  1. An industry related article – Focusing on your industry is crucial so that you become a better asset at work.
  2. A non-industry related article – Maybe you want to know more about leadership, time management, or meditation… doesn’t really matter the topic but just another opportunity to read, focus, and promote your personal growth.
  3. Connecting – My goal is to connect with 2 people on LinkedIn including endorsing, recommending, and starting conversation as a way to build and grow current relationships as well as paying it forward.

Want to join? Simply share this article on your profile and hashtag your daily articles with #LinkedInChallenge so we can all stay connected as we bump into each other connecting on LinkedIn. Hope to talk to you soon!

Happy Link-ing,

Nerissa, the BizEMillenial

Nerissa, wife and mom of 4 is originally from VA and now lives in LA. She has had a 10+ year career in Banking and Management among other experience. She enjoys reading, traveling, connecting with people, and helping others grow and be successful. Connect with her on LinkedIn.