Be the Coolest Networker in the Room

I was at an amazing conference this week–that’s a plug for the Executive Leadership Council and their Strengthening the Pipeline conference and an Executive stood up at the front of the room and became the coolest networker I’ve ever met, minds were blown, and it was a moment I’ll never forget. It was one of those moments where you create a skill and now need to share it. I want others to become the coolest networker in the room in one easy step.

After 4 days of intense leadership training and avoiding our cell phones as best we can, this young executive stands up and says, “I want to show you all something. Take out your cell phones”. Everyone obliged since we had built trust in these four days and besides who doesn’t want an excuse to see their notifications???

She asked us to open our LinkedIn apps (which is by far the most powerful business and networking app on the planet). Then this is where the mind-blowing happened, follow me here.

She said go to your home screen and press the button with the avatar of the “people” on it.

Then click “Find Nearby”. All of a sudden everyone in the room started popping up as potential one-click connections!

My original intention was to sit down at the airport after the conference and spend at least 30 minutes manually adding everyone to my LinkedIn network; however, this ONE step took 3 minutes at most to accomplish and we all walked away with 50 new connections.

If this doesn’t make you the coolest networker in the room, nothing will! Who doesn’t want to increase their network AND save time?!

Here’s a few caveats, you do have to have your “find nearby” or locations settings on AND everyone has to be on the Find Nearby Page but other than that, this is THE quickest way to connect a large group of influencers at one time.

So try it out in your next meeting and tell me how you instantly became the coolest person in the room!

Join me in the LinkedIn Challenge!

Happy Networking,

Nerissa, the BizEMillenial

About the author:

Nerissa, wife and mom of 4 is originally from VA and now lives in LA. She has had a 10+ year career in Banking and Management among other experience. She enjoys reading, traveling, and helping others grow and be successful. Connect with her on LinkedIn.