Groups, Fan Pages, and Personal Pages, Oh My!

There are many obstacles to compete with when you are trying to get your content out to others including the almighty Facebook algorithm, general interest, and all the other things that compete with your content. Then there’s the Facebook business page, the Facebook group, and your own personal profile. You may have the first two under control, but what about the latter? How do you get the most value out of your personal page content?

The experts say 3-4 posts a day will do the trick. Quality over quantity is key here. Easy concept but you may be asking what do I post and when?

☀️- Something motivational in the early morning. Give someone a reason to start the day. Not great with that stuff? There are pages and groups that post daily doses of positivity. Find one like Online Vision Board and share what works for you.

📢- A quick post in the mid day – Share a quick story or brief engagement post in the mid-day. People are eating lunch and scrolling. You have to compel them to stop and connect.

💰Early evening share (optional) – Share a post from your business page (not every day) that has already reached a nice organic level of engagement. Make it high impact!

💪- GO LIVE – A LIVE in the late evening where you are adding value is a great way to engage your audience. And if going LIVE gives you the heebie jeebies, there are great tips available to assist you.

So what else can you do on your personal page to build your brand authentically?

Manage what you are tagged in and what posts are added to your timeline. Check your settings and take more control of your personal page.

Don’t feel like you can’t share more content than 3x a day. Send that content to groups, pages, and communities where you can add value. Also use other channels like Twitter and Instagram to promote your content and understand their best times for engagement.

Hope this has cleared up the confusion around your personal page and when to post for maximum results! So get to engaging again!

Happy Engage-ing!

Nerissa, the BizEMillenial

About the author:

Nerissa, wife and mom of 4 is originally from VA and now lives in LA. She enjoys reading, traveling, and helping others grow and be successful while working a full time job, volunteering in her community, and still finding time to work her business in smart ways that save time and energy and produce results. When asked, Nerissa would say “her hope is to share all of that with you just like she would her own team.” Want to work directly with her 1 on 1 in a successful business, go for it!