How to Get Eyes on Your Facebook Content

Facebook is constantly changing and if you are in any type of business, it is crucial to not fall behind. Here are some ways to stay ahead of the game.

1) Post when your followers most want to hear from you

With the changes to the News Feed, posts that do not create comments and shares will not gain distribution. To reach your followers, analyze your Facebook Insight Page to  understand what content your fans like and when they most want to hear from you. Insights has a tremendous amount of information about your fanbase and people who typically respond to your posts and at what time of day.

2) Create content that encourages interaction

Your content needs to generate an interaction such as a comment or share to be deemed of high value, so focusing on strategies to generate conversation is key. Be careful not to fall into the trap of accidentally producing engagement bait though, as this will have the opposite effect on your visibility. An example of this would be yes/no or true/false questions that produce low-value engagement. Instead generate content that ask for opinions, testimonials, and produce thought. Share customer stories, tips, and relevant information that people can use.

3) Less is more

More than ever, the quality of your content should take priority over the frequency of posting. Create your best post the first time to limit the number of posts you need to get your message across. Posting more than a couple of times a day may hurt you versus help you.

4) Go Live on Facebook

Facebook allows any individual or brand to “go live” with video anytime. Although pre-recorded video will likely be shown less, live video is generating more interactions and therefore being of higher value in the updated News Feed. When you “go live,” Facebook notifies your page’s fans which represents a great opportunity to reach people.

In order to ensure a successful live event:

• Plan out the video ahead of time and ensure it is relevant to your target audience.

• Promote the event ahead of time to increase the number of people watching. This can be done through promotion on your website, Facebook ads (including an event ad), promotion on other platforms (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn), etc.

5) Use Facebook Stories

Before it becomes popular with brands, be the first to jump on Stories by implementing it as part of your marketing strategy. As we’ve discovered on Instagram, Stories are a great way for companies to reach people by offering interesting content such as behind-the-scenes videos and how-to instructions. Plus, Facebook displays the latest Stories at the very top of the News Feed on both desktop and the mobile app, offering incredible organic exposure.

6) Let Your Fans Do the Talking


Encourage your customers and fans to share information about your brand on their own personal Facebook page. This means that they create their own post about your company and share it, as opposed to sharing a post from your brand page to their friends and family. Being successful with this approach involves developing high quality content.

Now that you know the best way to prioritize your content, you just have one thing left to do–actually go out and create great content! If this blog was helpful, share it with others!

Happy Creating!

-Nerissa, the BizEMillenial

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