How to Understand Your Facebook Insight Page

So many people ask me questions about how to measure their engagement and reach on Facebook so it only seemed right to put together a little tutorial since Facebook has actually done the work for us… you just need to know where to look. So here’s how to understand your Facebook Insight Page in just a few steps.

1. Use a Desktop Site

First of all, in order to access this info you are going to need to use a laptop, desktop, or you can use your mobile phone but you will need to log into Facebook using your phone’s browser (not the app) and in your menu click “request desktop site”. If you look in your address bar and see that pesky little m. get rid of it. That’s your phone trying to keep you in mobile mode.

2. Group Insights

Next visit the group that you administrate and look to the left menu for Group Insights. This is your new best friend.

3. New Members

When you look to your right, you will see your new members. Facebook will even tag all of your new members in one post (think Welcome post) when you click on Write Post. This will reset and your count will start over once you have submitted the actual post.4. Top Contributors

Want to know who your highly engaged members are? Scroll down a tad to see your top 10 contributors for the past 28 days with a breakdown of how many posts and comments they have added to the community within the past 28 days. You will also see breakdowns by sex and geography — this is a great way to confirm that what you consider your target market is actually true.5. Timing

You will also be able to see the exact days and times that your community is most active. Maybe it is something you are specifically posting on these days that has energy at an all time high or maybe it’s just the right time, right place. For me, Tuesday is a busy day due to a specific post that I make. If you don’t know what it is, you will have to ask me!6. Content

Believe it or not, your content does impact your engagement and like above when you scroll to the very bottom of your Insights Page you will see a list of your recent top 10 posts that gained the most attention and interaction in terms of comments, likes, and views. So maybe you need more posts like your Top 10 since that is what attracts your audience.

Now that you have learned the magic of your Group Insights Page, use it to your advantage. Know who your target market is, what days and times they love your group, and what type of content they like. Lean on your new understanding. Join me in my community if you would like more training on topics like these.

I would love to know what you learned and how this impacted your business or group! Feel free to come back and share!

Happy Insighting!

-Nerissa, the BizEMillenial

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