To Office or Not to Office


So you finally got your own office? A door that actually closes? Credentials on the wall? Maybe even a view? Congratulations! This may be that coveted moment that you have been waiting for!

But…stop right there. Today’s millenial managers are being called upon to work less in an office and more in the center of all the action. So don’t get too comfortable in your kushy office. Here’s three ways your time is better spent OUT of the office.

Among your people – There’s no better way to coach and improve performance than observing what is going on first-hand. Use the opportunity to show coach excellent performance and coach undesirable behaviors on the spot. Spend this time to reward and recognize the associates that are fulfilling the mission and going the extra mile.

Among your clientele – What do your customers really want/need? Simple question so it seems, however many managers miss the mark. Unless they are taking the time to interact with customers and actually ask what it is they hope to receive and they service they expect to be given. Spend time at ground zero to get the vital answers you need to be successful.

Among your competition – Unless you are working for a monopoly, you most likely have competition. Know who your competitors are, study them, watch their moves. Learn what makes them great. Create ways to adapt based on their successes. Explore countermeasures to avoid their mistakes.

As you spend more time with your people, clients, and competition you will find yourself spending less time in your office. Coincidently, you will be more productive and create a more long-lasting impact. Save your office for important one-on-one meetings or the occasional moments you might need to catch up on paperwork. Keep your office door open as much as possible so that you are viewed as approachable.

If you find that email is preventing you from being out of your office more but you don’t want to be walking around with your cell in your hands, invest in an Apple or Samsung (my personal fav) watch so that you can answer important emails on the spot and ignore those that don’t require an inmediate reply. The cool thing is it will also count your steps for you as you wander around the office making on-the-spot decisions and creating relationships with your customers and associates.

Manage On,