Response to: 6 Signs That You’re a Bad Manager |

This is another great article that discusses leadership and gives merit to the idea and importance of treating every associate differently. I must add that it is vital to:

1. Meet associates where they are and pull them up… We can’t expect that all associates will possess the same knowledge and skills upon hire; therefore, it is very important to understand where your associates are and have a training process in place.

2. Find out what motivates each associate and act accordingly… Some associates are intronsically motivated and they will go above and beyond without any extra assistance from you. Some associates thrive on praise and being recognized. Other associates will exceed their goal if given an extra incentive like free lunch, a gift card, or the ability to go home early. It is up to you find out each associate’s motivation and use it to your advantage to achieve goals and maximize production.

3. Do more showing versus telling… You just can’t expect associates to do more work than you do. They are looking to you for direction. If you are steering them wrong, don’t expect to reach the destination. Work as hard, if not harder, than your associates and set the right expectations and you will be successful.