Who is the BizEMillenial?

The BizEMillenial, pronounced [bizē miˈlenēəl] is not just me.  The BizEMillenial is not just you.  The BizEMillenial is a play on words pertaining to all those who have reached young adulthood after the year 2000 and who happen to be in the business world (or otherwise busy) with life, school, work, and the et cetera.

This blog will hope to ignite a fresh perspective on our place in the business world as well as explore what others have to say about our generation and what’s going on in the world. There are so many great resources out there to help you become a more successful business person, but as a busy individual or lifer, you may not have the time to read and explore these resources. This blog can be your shortcut as I provide valuable insight, book and article reviews, and real business experience to help us all build and grow together.